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About Us

             Conveyor Metal Works is a manufacture of conveyor and conveyor systems, since 2000 Conveyor Metal Works has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to understanding the material handling needs of businesses. We have been creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help companies achieve their goals. From a single conveyor unit to a comprehensive conveying system, whatever business need, we have a solution.

             A major part of our success comes from our adherence to the belief that only our network of distributors, system integrators, and OEM partners can offer the local presence, on-site expertise and instant service that today's businesses require. We help end users meet their efficiency goals by providing a creative and experienced team that is devoted to designing, testing and implementing ideas for new conveyor models and systems. Given the competitive nature of the marketplace, we offer highly efficient cutting edge conveyor and conveyor systems that can dramatically cut material handling costs.

            Conveyor Metal Works manufacturing facility operates in a lean environment. By practicing lean manufacturing, and maintenance excellence we are able to service our customers efficiently with quality products at reasonable prices. The combination of these practices makes Conveyor Metal Works unique. This is a long-term business philosophy, strategy, and relentless attack on waste, whether it is on our production floor or within any of our business processes.

           Our reputation for durability, reliability and quality combined with our innovative designs, competitive pricing, exceptional services and outstanding product availability has made us one of the best choices in the market today for conveyors and conveying hardware.




Conveyor Metal Works